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Alcohol Addiction

Guiding you through effective treatment and recovery strategies.

Intervention Technique
Sign of alcohol addiction
Rehab & Treatment
Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms
Mixing Drugs with alcohol

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Drugs Addictions

Focused on successful treatment approaches for drug addictions.

Antidepressant addiction
Benzo Addiction
Stimulant Addiction
Marijuana Addiction
Opioid Addiction

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Process Addictions

Offering treatment insights for a range of behavioral addictions.

Gambling Addiction & Abuse

Porn Addiction

Sex Addiction

Internet Addiction

Relationship Addiction

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Mental Health

Treatment options and strategies for mental health improvement.

Mental Health Treatment
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Insomnia Treatment
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Stimulant Treatment and Rehab

Phuket Island Rehab a Sanctuary to recover your body & your soul

At Phuket Island Rehab, we offer a sanctuary where healing transcends physical recovery. Nestled in the serene beauty of Phuket, our stimulant treatment and rehab center is designed to rejuvenate both body and soul, providing a tranquil and supportive environment for a transformative journey to wellness.

Alcohol addiction

Cocaine addiction

Meth addiction

Cannabis addiction

porn addiction

sex addiction

Gambling Abuse

Internet addiction

Our Treatments

At Phuket Island Rehab, we prioritize personalized care, focusing on holistic healing tailored to each individual’s needs. Our approach intertwines physical, mental, and emotional wellness, ensuring a comprehensive path to recovery. Embracing innovative therapies alongside traditional methods, we offer a nurturing environment for transformative healing.

Alcohol Addiction & Abuse

Drugs Addiction Treatment

Process Addiction Treatment

Mental Health Treatment

Our Programs

Phuket Island Rehab’s program is a beacon of comprehensive recovery, uniquely tailored to each individual’s journey. We blend evidence-based treatments with innovative therapies, ensuring a well-rounded approach to rehabilitation. Our focus extends beyond immediate recovery, preparing individuals for long-term success and well-being through a supportive, understanding community. This program reflects our commitment to personalized, transformative healing.

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Our Story

The genesis of Phuket Island Rehab lies in the visionary approach of Dr. Ponlawat Pitsuwan. Established in 2023, our center is the culmination of his extensive experience in healthcare and a deep understanding of the need for personalized addiction and mental health care. Dr. Ponlawat, renowned for his Take Care Medical Clinics across Southern Thailand, identified the necessity for a more individualized and compassionate approach in rehabilitation. This vision gave birth to Phuket Island Rehab – a place where transformative healing is not just a goal but a reality. Our story is one of passion, innovation, and a relentless commitment to providing care that truly resonates with each individual’s journey.


Our Rehab Center


Phuket Island Rehab is not just a facility; it’s a sanctuary designed for deep, transformative healing. Nestled amidst the serene beauty of Phuket, our centre provides a nurturing environment that blends comfort with state-of-the-art treatment methodologies. Each aspect of Phuket Island Rehab has been thoughtfully crafted to ensure a peaceful, supportive, and conducive atmosphere for recovery. From our tranquil gardens to modern therapy rooms, every space is an integral part of the healing journey, reflecting our commitment to creating a haven where individuals can thrive on their path to wellness.

Help For All Drugs Addictions

Phuket Island Rehab is dedicated to providing comprehensive help for all forms of drug addictions. Our expert team understands the complex nature of addiction and offers a supportive, non-judgmental environment for recovery. We employ a variety of evidence-based treatments and innovative therapies to address the physical, psychological, and emotional aspects of addiction. Our goal is to empower individuals with the tools and support they need for a successful journey to sobriety.

Alcohol addiction

Regain control and reclaim your life from alcohol addiction with our comprehensive treatment and support

Meth addiction

Break meth addiction. Tailored programs empower your recovery journey to a brighter future.

Cocaine addiction

Escape the grip of cocaine addiction. Our expert guidance and therapies pave the way to lasting sobriety

Cannabis addiction

Find balance without cannabis. Discover a healthier path with our holistic approach to addiction recovery.

What We treat

At Phuket Island Rehab, we offer comprehensive care for a diverse range of conditions. Our expertise extends to treating various addictions, including alcohol, drugs, and behavioral dependencies. Additionally, we address co-occurring mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, and trauma-related disorders. Our holistic approach ensures that we not only treat the symptoms but also delve into the underlying causes, providing a path to lasting recovery and well-being.

Body and mind

Meet our team of Specialist

Phuket Island Rehab is proud to introduce our team of specialists, a group of highly qualified professionals dedicated to providing compassionate care. Each team member brings a wealth of expertise in their respective fields, ensuring a comprehensive approach to treatment. Our specialists range from medical doctors, therapists, counselors, to holistic wellness experts, all united in their commitment to supporting each individual’s journey to recovery. The diversity and depth of our team’s experience are key to our success in offering personalized, effective treatment plans.

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How do we stand out

Unparalleled Personalization Customized plans for unique journeys.

Experiential Therapy Healing through adventure in stunning Phuket.

Holistic Approach Mind, body, spirit—total well-being.

Expertise and Compassion Caring community for transformative healing.

Long-Term Support Success beyond rehab: knowledge, skills, support.

Dr. Ponlawat’s Vision Compassionate, personalized care.


Experience the
Beauty of Thailand

Discover PHUKET

Discover Thailand’s natural beauty, pristine beaches, lush jungles, and cultural richness. Embrace adventure and wellness in this tropical paradise.

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Understand How Addiction Affects The Brain

Addiction can have tremendous effects on the brain, impacting its structure and function. It is a complex condition that involves changes in the brain’s reward system, memory, and control over behavior.

Phuket Island Rehab: Pioneering Transformative Healing

Phuket Island Rehab’s unique approach to transformative healing, featuring unparalleled personalization, experiential therapy, holistic methods, compassionate expertise, long-term support, and Dr. Ponlawat’s vision of personalized care.

Overcome your addiction in Phuket Thailand

Discover the path to addiction recovery in the serene landscapes of Phuket, Thailand. Explore our transformative programs designed for lasting healing and wellness.

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